Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Right on Marty!

Marty Noble, author of Mets Mailbag, is realistic. In his 02/03/09 column, Noble wrote "While re-signing Perez eliminates a vacancy in the rotation and might allow New York to afford Jon Niese more time to develop, I don't think it makes the rotation whole." He added that he wouldn't even be surprised if Oliver Perez, who the Mets just resigned, finishes next season 10-14.

As I've said previously, spending $12 million on Perez is a mistake. The Mets would have been better off using that money to sign Orlando Hudson to fill the void in second base; however, it looks like another of Minaya's mistakes, Luis Castillo, will again play the position.

Speaking of Minaya's mistakes, it looks like Anderson Henderson could become the Nationals starting secondbaseman. The Mets traded him for relief pitcher Luis Ayala, who isn't even on the team any more.

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