Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With it appearing less likely that Bobby Abreu will be joining the Mets, another Yankee could soon be wearing a new uniform: Alex Rodriquez. But to get him, the Mets would have to break open their piggybank because Rodriquez is represented by one of the greediest men on the planet, Scott Boras.

If the Mets did decide that Rodriguez was worth buying, where would he play?

Third base? That means that David Wright would have to be shifted elsewhere.

Shortstop, his previous position? That means that Reyes would need to be shifted. If Rodriquez can still play shortstop, I'd put Reyes at second base.

But what about first base? One baseball writer suggested shifting Wright to first. I'd rather see the Mets try Rodriquez at first. Of course, that would bump Carlos Delgado out of the starting lineup because he can't play any other position. But whose bat would you rather have: Delgado's or Rodriquez's?

I'll take Rodriquez's.

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