Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Randolph gets reprieve for Mets collapse

The New York Mets, in a move that I believe is a mistake, renewed yesterday the contract of manager Willie Randolph.

I'm not alone in that belief. Newsday took a poll in which they asked "Do you think the Mets should have fired Willie Randolph?" Of the 9913 responses, 48.1% voted "yes" while 51.9% voted "no."

Given that Mets upper management made the decision to keep Randolph only two days after the season ended, how carefully could they have reviewed his performance?

In 2007 the Mets won nine fewer games than the year before and only five more than they won in 2005.

In the final four months of 2007, the Mets had losing records in three of the four months and in the fourth month only played .500 ball. Worse, in the month of September, often the most crucial month in a baseball season, the Mets under Randolph have never had a winning record.

If both Randolph and the Mets are to have a successful 2008 season, Willie needs to figure out a way to have a winning record in September.

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