Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mets top 5 starters' LOB% stats

Of the 42 National League starters who "qualified" to make LOB% listing, three were Mets:

Here are their rankings and LOB% values:
17 John Maine 73.2
22 Tom Glavine 72.6
25 Oliver Perez 71.6

The two Mets starters with the highest LOB% stats didn't qualify because the number of innings they pitched was fewer than the number of games the Mets played. Hernandez pitched only 147.7 innings and Martinez pitched only 28.0. In comparison, Maine pitched 191 innings, Glavine pitched 200.3, and Perez pitched 177.

Here are Hernandez's and Martinez's LOB% values:
Orlando Hernandez 77.0
Pedro Martinez 73.8

If Hernandez and Martinez could have pitched more games for the Mets, they likely would have won the N.L. East.

In my opinion, a starter's LOB% is more valid than a reliever's because most baseball statistic sites don't reveal whether a reliever's LOB% includes inherited baserunners.

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