Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joe Torre next Mets' manager?

On Saturday, George Steinbrenner told that world that Joe Torre's job was at risk if he didn't have more post-season success this year than he's had in the recent past. Well, the Yankees lost yesterday. They've also lost 13 of theirs last 17 post-season games and haven't advanced to the World Series since 2000, a Series they won.

So despite the fact that Torre's taken Steinbrenner's team to the playoffs each of the 12 years he's managed it and averaged 98 wins a year starting with the 2001 season, his future's now in jeopardy.

If Steinbrenner fires Torre, the Mets should hire him. Fast!

Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen. Mets ownership is too willing to let Omar Minaya roll the dices on those kinds of decisions, and Minaya's dice are loaded.

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