Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mets luck changes — Will it last?

Before yesterday's game, one Met made a big change. Paul Lo Duca shaved his head. But more change is needed if the team's recent misfortune is to be reversed.

One of the causes of the team's misfortune has been, according to New York Times writer George Vecsey, the fact that "The Mets have looked awful, particularly because José Reyes has been clumsy and indecisive in every phase of the game."

Reyes got two hits last night, including a double, and scored two runs, but also made a throwing error, his twelfth error of the season. He also failed to show patience at the plate in three of his five at-bats, something essential from a leadoff batter. Twice he hit the first pitch and once the second pitch.

The New York Mets won yesterday, 8-4, but their victory didn't convince me that they've set aside their problems, though their luck might be changing. The Phillies finally lost a game, 2-1.

Mets fans have to thank Cardinal pitcher Adam Wainwright for pitching the type of game that Mets fans have prayed for from a Mets pitcher. In eight innings Wainwright limited the Phils to four hits and a run, That's a lot better than Mets starter, Mike Pelfrey, did. In his 92-pitch, five inning stint Pelfrey surrendered nine hits, walked three batters, and gave up three runs, exiting the game with runners on first and third and no out in the sixth.

Despite the win, the pennant's still far from won. As Moises Alou said after the win, "We're not over the hump yet." It's a hump the Mets created.

The team's now in Florida for four games against the Marlins. Hopefully, the Mets won't become Fish food.

Finally, before yesterday's game, Mets manager Willie Randolph made another strange statement, something he's been in the habit of doing lately. Speaking about the Washington Nationals, Randolph said "I’d rather be playing the Phillies and Atlanta, to be honest with you.”

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