Wednesday, July 27, 2016

RE24 Check on Mets Hitters

The RE24 stat shows a player's impact on run scoring. Surprisingly, after only 72 PA, Jose Reyes ranks #3. A zero RE24 is average.

Among the Mets with a below average RE24 are Travis D'Arnaud (-2.70), Asdrubal Cabrera (-3.32), and Curtis Granderson (-3.70).

Mike Trout has the highest RE24 in the Major Leagues, 48.32.
Source: FanGraphs
RE24 is based on the concept of run expectancy. In baseball, there are eight different ways the bases can be occupied from nobody on base to the bases loaded. Data was collected on how many runs scored in each of those Base/Out states when there were no outs, one out, and two outs from the start of a plate appearance to its inning's end. Then, the average number of runs that scored in each of those 24 Base/Out states was calculated. That info gives an idea of about how many runs a team can expect to score, on average, in each Base/Out situation. So Yoenis Cespedes, in those 24 Base/Out states, caused almost 25 more runs to score than expected. Given that his RE24 is about two and a half times greater than the Met in second place, Wilmer Flores, it shows Cespedes' value to the Mets as a run producer.

For more on RE24, read Joe Posnanski's Stat of the Day: RE24.

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