Friday, July 22, 2011

Giants a Contender for Beltran

Here's some very interesting information on Carlos Beltran from Jayson Stark of ESPN:
Here's a fascinating theory on the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes from two NL executives: They believe that all the current talk that the Phillies and Red Sox are either the "favorites" or the "most aggressive" teams in the Beltran bidding is being circulated by the Mets to increase pressure on other teams in the bidding. Their theory: The Giants wind up swooping in and getting this done, for a package fronted by dynamic center-field prospect Gary Brown.
According to Baseball America, Brown is the Giants third-best prospect. This season he's hitting .313 at San Jose, their A+ affiliate. He was the 24th pick in the 2010 MLB Draft.

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