Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mets need major upgrade to starting rotation

The next move Minaya needs to make is to upgrade the pitching staff. He needs to replace both Pelfrey and Perez. Pelfrey and Perez are too inconsistent.

In Pelfrey's four seasons with the Mets, his career win percentage is only .467 while his ERA is 4.58. It's not a good sign when those two stats are almost the same. Perez's win percentage is slightly higher at .475 while his career ERA is 4.54 is only slightly lower than Pelfrey's.

It amazes me that Minaya signed Perez to a three-year, $36 million dollar contract when there seemed to be little demand for his services. It's a sign of his ability to judge pitchers. Since the end of the 2008 season, aside from Santana, what starters has Minaya signed who have really upgraded the rotation? The best he could do last season was to sign Tim Redding.

As Jesse Spector wrote in the New York Daily News, "Unless the Mets can add real help for their starting rotation - help that does not appear readily available through free agency or trades - they’re going to continue to have the same problems."

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