Friday, August 17, 2007

Moviel moving full-steam-ahead

For a ballplayer who just graduated from high school, the jump to low Class A baseball is often difficult. The competition is tougher, often much tougher, than it was in high school. He's own his own, away from home, often for the first time. And the big leagues is far, far away. A high schooler is only half as likely as someone who's entering the pros from college ball to make it in the majors. That's why when a high schooler has success, it stands out.

One such high schooler is the Mets third draft choice in 2007, Scott Moviel. In his senior year, Moviel had a 6-2 record, a 1.62 ERA, and 102 strikeouts in 50.1 innings. The strikeouts to innings pitched ratio is particularly impressive. Moviel struck out two batters an inning. But remember — that was in high school where Moviel, skillwise, was a man among boys.

Though Moviel's fastball isn't in the Nolan Ryan range, when it's released from his 6'10" frame at 88-91 mph it can be quite effective. If it weren't, he wouldn't be having the success he's having with the GCL Mets, a Rookie League team.

Yesterday, Moviel started again. He gave up two runs, both in the first inning, in the Mets 9-2 victory over the GCL Cardinals.

After the first batter reached base on an error, Moviel got the next two out. Then he issued a walk, putting runners on first and second. Moviel then gave up the only extra base hit he allowed in the game, a triple. The other two hits he gave up were both singles.

It's a rough road to the majors, but Moviel seems to be doing a good jump of overcoming its bumps.


  1. Savannah might have a very interesting team next year. Guys like Moviel, Dylan Owen, and Nick Carr should join the rotation, along with Francisco Pena, Juan Legarus, and Ruben Tejada.

  2. Matt,

    I think Owen could also be the "real deal." You might find my write-up on Owen of interest. It's at