Monday, July 30, 2007

Good new about Maine and Mulvey but not Delgado and Beltran

Sunday the Big Club won a rain-shortened game, 5-0. John Maine once again demonstrated that he's the staff's most consistent winner, limiting the Nats to one hit in five innings to notch his twelth win. The 6'4" Maine has now won six times as many games as he won during his first two seasons of Major League ball, both with the Orioles.

Maine was the only member of the starting lineup who wasn't hitting at least .252. And six of the starting nine were hitting at least .286. Reyes had two doubles and Castro, whose hitting .327, homered.

The B-Mets lost, but when Kevin Mulvey left the game after six innings it was tied at two. During his six-inning stint Mulvey gave up two runs and two walks while surrendering five hits and striking out five. His performance didn't hurt his ERA, which now stands at 3.29.

More Met disappointment

I was disappointed when the Mets traded Xavier Nady, and when I see what he's been doing this season with the Pirates, I'm further questioning Minaya's astuteness. This season with runners in scoring position, Nady has hit .356. In the same situation, here are the stats for the Mets power hitters:

Lo Duca: .214
Delgado: .224
Beltran: .242
Wright: .295

Even Reyes is outhitting Delgado and Beltran when runners are in scoring position, hitting .290. And Mike Jacobs, one of the players the Mets traded for Delgado, is hitting .278.

The situation worsens when runners are in scoring position with two outs. In a New York Sun article dated July 23 Tim Marchman wrote that "Jose Reyes, as of the start of yesterday's game, was batting .218 with runners in scoring position and two outs. David Wright was batting .196, Paul Lo Duca .186, Carlos Delgado .167, and Carlos Beltran .111. It's embarrassing."

Nady in that situation is hitting .413.

With all the money the Mets are shelling out for their power hitters, especially Delgado and Beltran, they're not getting their money's worth.

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