Monday, July 19, 2010

Rumor Mill

According to at least one rumor, the Mets could make a trade offer for Diamondback pitcher Dan Haren, but after reading the write-up below by ESPN's Adam Rubin, such a trade might not be in the Mets interest if Minaya again gives up too much for a pitcher as he did with J. J. Putz.
Despite trade rumors abounding concerning Dan Haren, it’s likely the Diamondbacks will retain the top-of-the-rotation right-hander. Haren has struggled -- including getting tagged for homers by San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley while allowing six runs in five innings in his most recent start -- so his trade value isn’t at its peak right now. And given what Cliff Lee just commanded from the Texas Rangers in terms of prospects for a half-season rental, it’s doubtful a team would provide what Arizona would want for an affordable pitcher under the Diamondbacks’ control through 2013. Haren is owed $12.75 million each of the next two seasons, with a team option for a third year at $15.5 million that otherwise calls for a $3.5 million buyout. Haren has allowed 21 homers this season, already six shy of last season’s total. He has given up the most hits in the National League (155). He’s not particularly a second-half pitcher, either. The 29-year-old Haren has a career ERA of 3.29 in the first half and 4.26 in the second half.
To get Putz, Minaya traded away Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith, Endy Chavez, Jason Vargas, Mike Carp, Maikel Cleto, and Ezekiel Carrera. In addition to Putz, the Mets received Jeremy Reed and Sean Green. Minaya wanted Putz to be the setup man for the other reliever he added to the Mets roster: Francisco Rodriguez.

The Mets made the trade for Putz in December 2008. How many of the three players the Mets received are now on its active roster? None. How many are on its 40-man roster? Just Sean Green. How many innings has Green pitched this season? One.

If Minaya offers as much for Haren, a pitcher who leads the Major Leagues in hits given up this season (155 in 135 innings), it could turn out to be another major Minaya mistake.

Final Notes

This season:
  • Putz is pitching for the White Sox; in 35 games, his ERA is 1.51. 
  • Mets castoff Billy Wagner is pitching for the Braves; in 40 games, his ERA is 1.15. 
  • Mets castoff Darren Oliver is pitching for the Texas Rangers; in 40 games, his ERA is 1.32. 
  • Mets castoff Darren O'Day is also pitching for the Texas Rangers; in 43 games, his ERA is 1.42. 
All those pitchers were either traded away or released by Omar Minaya.

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