Thursday, May 21, 2009

Putz for DeRosa and Carroll?

New York Post writer Joel Sherman suggested today that the Mets should trade J. J. Putz to the Indians for Mark DeRosa, a 34-year-old utility player who can play shortstop and Jamey Carroll, a 35-year-old utility player. Hopefully, Minaya doesn't read Sherman's blog.

Putz hasn't pitched that well this year, but he has more trade value than DeRosa and Carroll. Now if the trade were for DeRosa and 30-year-old catcher Victor Martinez, Minaya should make the deal.

Sherman correctly wrote that the reason the Mets need to consider making a trade is because the top two levels of its farm system are weak. Minaya's been Mets GM since September 2004. That should be enough time to develop a strong farm system at all levels. Minaya's failure to do that doesn't bode well for the Mets' future.

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