Sunday, May 3, 2009

Perez could be out of rotation

After another failed outing, Oliver Perez might be removed from the rotation. After yesterday's loss, Jerry Manuel said that "His [Perez] confidence is shot, and very seldom have I seen him in that form or fashion." Even Perez realized his pitching is below par, saying that he was willing to accept a demotion to the minors. "If I need it, then I have to go, because right now I don't help my team." One source said that the $36 million man will be replaced in the rotation by lefty Ken Takahashi.

Perez wasn't the only Met to pitch poorly yesterday. Sean Green pitched even worse. In the bottom of the tenth, he threw 21 pitches. Only eight were strikes. His control problems caused him to walk two batters. One of those walks was with the bases loaded and scored the winning run. His ERA is now 8.76.

Fortunately for Mets followers, some of the team's minor leaguers played well.

Though Savannah lost, 3-2, center fielder Sean Ratliff had a great game. He went 4-4, including three doubles. He's hitting .326.

St. Lucie won 2-0, led by Jenrry Mejia's three-hit pitching.

Buffalo split its doubleheader, winning the first game 5-0. Dillon Gee pitched a complete game in which he surrendered only one run on six hits with no walks. In that game Fernando Martinez doubled and homered.

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